Access to Member Site

When you are granted access, you are entering a secured website which is for the use by authorised personnel of the MCCE / SALCC member Nations.

Unauthorised access is prohibited and is subject to prosecution to the full extent of the law.

There are some security related measures in place to make the site and the login procedure more secure.
Some of these are visible to the user, others are not and meant to prevent – among other things – brute force attacks or spamming.

To be able to log in, (a) cookie(s) will have to be placed on your device, so make sure your browser settings allow that.
You may – depending on your browser settings/policies – have to put the site on the safe sites list as well.

After log in, if you’ve not previously done so, you’ll be presented with a pop-up to go through the 2FA activation process.

Once completed, you can always change your settings via “2FA Setup” in the menu under “Edit Profile”.

You can log in here or request access to the Member Site by filling out this form.